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 woodbok`s interview

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PostSubject: woodbok`s interview   Wed Jun 26, 2013 11:32 pm

Who is woodbok?
Woodbok is myself.

Why woodbok? What`s the story of your ID?
I honestly don't know. I made up the word years ago.

Define yourself in 10 words.
Very competitive person that strives to become the best at everything.

Tell us something interesting about you.
Nothing interesting about me.

One movie and one book.
Movie - Inception. Book - The hobbit.

Brotherhood, Revelations or ACIII? Why?
Brotherhood. The single player I fell was superior to the other 2, and the multiplayer significantly so. It is a lot more difficult to play, and the aspects of the game actually make sense. The reverse detection meter in acr/ac3 is not what assassin's creed multiplayers should be. You should start at incognito, not work up to it by looking at your target. The free running was harder to achieve, and there was no contested kills. The abilities were more balanced, and the ability customization was something to work towards.

What`s your strategy in the multiplayer?
I don't have one. :/ I just go with it.

What music would you give to your mode of play?
Dubstep. Because Dubstep.

Favourite game mode and ability set.
Favourite game mode: Artifact assault. Favourite ability set: Firecrackers and disguise.

Single or Team game?
Team games, because working together with other people to achieve a goal is more fun than working at it by yourself.

What`s your favourite player?
My favourite player is neenkin, because his montages are amazing, and his gameplay is extremely fun to watch.

What are the players that give you more problems?
The more inexperianced players that don't know what they are doing, but they try by using really cheap tactics.

What is the toughest opponent that you have faced?
Most likely Goowarna.

What would you add to the multiplayer?
I would like the multiplayer to go back to more of brotherhoods style. But I would like to add more maps, since there are not many on ac3. (Excluding DLC, but no-one plays on them. )

You won the European Cup. Tell us something about this tournaments. Your impessions and thoughts.
The tournament was fun, and I played some great opponents. But I was a bit annoyed at the amount of OSB. Luckly no gun in this tourney, although there was in the final.

What advice would you give to the new ones?
Don't use cheap tactics. Watch youtube videos, see how pros play, and learn from them. You will get better, but don't use cheap tactics.

Tell us your best moment playing ACIII.
In assassinate, I got 5,000 points in the first minute of a match, due to the deathmatch area of boston harbor has a lot of easy places to reverse drop stun from.

What do you think about gunners, boosters, teaming,…?
I hate gun. For me, it goes against what the game is all about: Stealth. I only use when I'm really annoyed at a player, like when they do nothing but run around in manhunt. It gets tiring, very quickly. On boosters, I don't see the point. They are inflating a pointless number that doesn't show your skill level at all. Boosters confuse me, and people like Faith_89 who have boosted to *99, and still only play against noobs. In my opinion, it's a bit sad.


¿Quién es woodbok?
woodbok soy yo.

¿Por qué woodbok? ¿Cuál es la historia de tu ID?
Verdaderamente no me acuerdo. Inventé la palabra hace algunos años.

Defínete en 10 palabras.
Persona muy competitiva que quiere ser el mejor en todo.

Cuéntanos algo interesante acerca de ti.
no hay nada interesante acerca de mi.

¿Qué música pondrías a tu modo de juego?
La música electrónica para bailar. Porque es música electrónica para bailar.

¿Cuál es tu estrategia en el multiplayer?
No tengo ninguna estrategia :/ solo voy por mi objetivo.

¿Juego individual o por equipo?
En equipo, porque trabajando en equipo con por objetivo común es mucho más divertido que hacerlo solo.

Modo de juego y perfil de habilidades favoritos.
Asalto al Artefacto y Buscapiés y disfraz.

¿Quién es tu jugador favorito?
Mi jugador favorito es neenkin, porque sus montajes son espectaculares y su modo de juego muy divertido.

Una película y un libro.
Inception y El Hobbit.

¿Qué tipo de jugadores te dan más problemas?
Los que no tienen experiencia y no saben lo que hacen y utilizan tácticas realmente sucias.

¿Quién es el oponente más duro al que te has enfrentado?
Mayormente Goowarna.

¿Qué añadirías al multiplayer?
Me gustaría que volviera al estilo del Brotherhood. Pero me gustaría más mapas, ya que no hay muchos en AC3 (con los DLDc sí, pero nunca hay nadie jugando en ellos).

Ganaste la Copa de Europa. Cuéntanos algo acerca de este torneo. Tus impresiones.
El torneo fue muy divertido y jugué contra muy buenos oponentes. Pero estuve algo molesto por la Bomba de Humo ofensiva. Afortunadamente, no hubo pistolas, aunque sí que la hubo en la final.

¿Qué consejo le darías a los nuevos?
Que no utilicen tácticas sucias ni baratas. Que vean videos de youtube y aprendan como juegan los pros. Mejoraras. Pero no uses tácticas sucias.

Cuéntanos tu mejor momento jugando al ACIII.
En Asesinato, conseguí 5000 puntos en el primer minuto, debido a que era el Puerto de Boston, en el área que sale en el Duelo a Muerte, y ahí se pueden hacer muy bien los aturdidos en caída.

¿Qué piensas acerca de los tramposos, los que hacen equipo, los pistoleros,...?
Odio la pistola. Para mi, va en contra de la esencia del juego: el sigilo. Solo la utilizo cuando realmente estoy molesto con un jugador, como por ejemplo esos que solo hacen correr en Cacería. Sobre las trampas, no lo entiendo. Son jugadores que se inflan a puntos que realmente no reflejan su nivel. Los tramposos me confunden. Gente como faith_89, que ha hecho trampas hasta llegar a prestigio 99 y sigue jugando exclusivamente contra noobs. Es un poco triste.
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PostSubject: Re: woodbok`s interview   Thu Jun 27, 2013 5:45 am

I think everyone has to play how they want. Gun, OSB,... i dont see problem in that, but not boosting, please u.u
I remember Goowarna, in Revelations he was not really good. I win vs him a lot, but in ACIII!! O.o He is a monster!!! Really good!!!
I really like you interview! funny!
I want to make a interview too!!! u.u
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PostSubject: Re: woodbok`s interview   Fri Jun 28, 2013 12:45 am

I agree with Amanda! Wink They get no points and have no triangle ability for more than a minute, what's the problem? Wink It's just a different point of view... About the final of European Cup, did I really use gun? Are you sure? It's strange, because in 1vs1 I usually don't, it's too sad...

Sii sempre come il mare, che infrangendosi contro gli scogli trova ogni volta la forza di riprovarci!
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PostSubject: Re: woodbok`s interview   Sat Jun 29, 2013 3:29 am

No, but ecuadorian_snipe did.
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PostSubject: Re: woodbok`s interview   

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woodbok`s interview
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